Tokashiki Island


Aharen Beach

Aharen Beach, Tokashiki Island

Of the more than 30 islands in the Kerama Archipelago, Tokashiki is the largest. It’s situated in 60 minutes ferry ride from Naha. The island is a hilly island of about 15.29 square kilometers with sheer cliffs which descend down to the seas. In addition to clear blue seas and white sandy beaches, including the 800-meter long Aharen Beach and Tokashiku Beach, there is the state-run Okinawa Youth Center, camping grounds, a forest park, log houses, and other facilities.

Crystal water for diving, Tokashiki Island

Visitors can enjoy various indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Additionally, there are many attractive diving spots around the island so that divers can always find a calm diving location even in moderately bad weather.  The marathon that circles the island is popular among many people all over Japan. The Young Tourists' Village and the National Home for Youth located on this island are also highly recommendable as camping sites. The sea around the island is the best fishing point, so single-rod fishing is practiced.

For detailed information, Please contact Shipping Department, Tokashiki Village Office (098)987-2537

Tokashiki Island is the other major populated island (aside from Zamami), but it is also very laid back. Tokashiki Island also seems to cater to hotel / dive package visitors and most of the hotels are away from the port. Some of the hotels are in Aharen village on the south west side of the island, and is one of the most stunningly beautiful harbors in the world. Aharen is one of the safest and most appropriate places to anchor in the Kerama islands, as the harbor is protected on three sides and has a 15- 20 ft even sandy bottom. Just don’t try to anchor there when the wind is from the south! If you anchor in Aharen, you will need to take a dinghy to shore. In Aharen village there are a few nice minshikus and izakayas, a general store, gift shop, and another delicious mango ice kiosk! There is also a great viewpoint at the top of the hill overlooking the beach- don’t forget your camera. As you walk to the viewpoint, you will have to walk through the village campsite.

Tokashiki wetland

Tokashiki island wetlands

The campsite is a popular place to stay and there are signs that warn that camping on the beach is prohibited. If you want to stay someplace very nice and more like a resort, Tokashiku Resort is in another small bay tucked away just north of Aharen. Sailing to Tokashiki by private yacht, the two best options are to either anchor in Aharen or moor in the main port. If you moor in the main port, it is recommended that you tie up either side to or med-moor in the small basin to the north of the ferry terminal.     

Tokashiki Wetland is a habitat for Japan endemic species such us:  Ryukyu black-breasted leaf turtle, Horst Gael, Anderson's Crocodile Newt, Sword-tail newt and Spotted lizard beetle (Japan-specific as a seed).

Inter island ship at Tokashiki town's floating pier

Inter island ship at Tokashiki town's floating pier

Brief history: Many excavations of prehistorically age are discovered. The island is known to be the sacred places. In the middle of the 17 th century, a watch tower was built on the island in order to watch the ships passing through between Okinawa and China. During the Battle of Okinawa, the island was devastated by the air raid and artillery duel of the US military and after the US military landed the island, around the half of the residents took their lives.




Akamayama Observation Tower

Akamayama Observation Tower at the northern end of Tokashiki Is. is a part of the facilities of the National Youth Home. It is at an altitude of 200 meters so you can enjoy whale watching in winter and beautiful a view all year around. On a fine day, you can see Okinawa island in the east, Aka island, Zamami island, and various isolated islands in the west. And around this tower, Hiitatiyaa (a fire tower) which was once used as a communication facility are reconstructed.

Aharen Birou Community

Birou next to Aharen Beach is a very rare community which grows on sandy beach. Birou belongs to palm family and is about 10 meters tall. It has 1 ~ 2 meters long and 1.5 ~ 2 meter wide leaves with a half long slit. This community is used as a place of relaxation after enjoying swimming in Aharen Beach.

Umi no Mieru Oka Observation Tower

Umi no Mieru Oka Observation Tower is a grained tower which stands on a hill the south of Tokashiki Port. It is about 200 meters above sea level, which allows you to see Kerama Strait or Tokashiki Port. Tables and chairs are equipped in the first floor of this two story building.

Island places

Tokashiki Village
Tokashiki-son Village includes more than ten islands, such Tokashiki Island, Mae Island, Kuro Island, and Keise Island (Chibi
This recreational ground is located in the southernmost part of Tokashiki Island, being provided with a sidewalks and a view deck.
From this recreational ground, you can enjoy a view of a beautiful white coral sand beach as well as the transparent sea.
Teruyama Recreational Ground
This recreational ground is provided with a sidewalks and a view deck, where you can enjoy the panoramic scenery of the sea around Tokashiki Island, Tokashiku Beach, and Aharen Beach.
Commemorating the Okinawa's reversion to Japanese administration on 15 May 1972, this facility was built on Tokashiki Island as a symbol of peaceful use of old US military bases.
Hanari Island
Hanari Island is located in the East China Sea, and belongs to the Kerama Archipeligo in the Okinawa Archipeligo. The area is about .0917 square km.
Aharen Beach
In the south of Aharen Village there is Aharen Beach, and it is surrounded by a lot of mysterious stones and rocks which were formed by wind and rain.
Tokashiku Beach
Tokashiku Beach can be found roughly in the center of the western part of Tokashiki Island. It is a great spot for those wishing to spend time leisurely in a fairly quiet environment.
A Sabani Boat Berthing at the Harbor
A Sabani Boat Berthing at the Harbor Tokashiki Island floats on the East China Sea, 32 km west of Naha.
Coral Fences Remain
Coral Fences Remain on the Island Tokashiki Island has a tragic history of war that burned the entire island, including houses and mountains, wherein 329 inhabitants committed mass suicide.


Humpback Whale Tokashiki island
Humpback Whales move from northern sea to warmer sea for propagation from January to April.
Kayaking Tokashiki island
From Aharen Beach (Ajalen) beach, take a sea kayak and row out to the sea!
Snorkeling Tokashiki Island
The sea of ​​Takashiki has high transparency (transparency of 50 meters) even in Okinawa, more than 90% of coral in Okinawa is inhabited.
Diving Tokashiki island
The ocean of Tokashiki Island is blue clearly, the field of view in the water is almost unchanged from the ground, so transparency is about three f