Oriental Grounded Gecko

The "Oriental grounded gecko" appears to be a lizard, but it belongs to the gecko family. Its overall length measures approximately 15-18 cm. It hides in rock crevasses during the day but becomes active on the ground after dark. Since it has some of the pristine features of a gecko family member such as undeveloped eyelids, it is called a living fossil. Members of the Tokagemodoki ground gecko family have different markings on their bodies depending on where they live and are divided into the following five subspecies. which are the Ryukyu ground gecko (Okinawa proper, Kouri Island, Sesoko Island), Oriental ground gecko (Ie Island, Tokashiki Island, Tonaki Island, Aka- island), Kume ground gecko (Kume Island), Toyama's ground gecko (Iheya), Banded ground gecko (Tokuno-shima).