Takara's House

Geruma, Takara's House

Takara house on Geruma island
Takara's house on Geruma island

Located on Geruma, Takara's House (TAKARA-KE) is a nationally-designated important cultural property (architecture), which is an important cultural resource. Takara is an old family known as a master family of boatmen. The house is a well-preserved and maintained important cultural resource of Okinawan-style house. It is said that the house was constructed in the late 19th century by Peechin Nakandakari, who served a chief boatman for a public vessel toward Qing (China) during the late Ryukyu Kingdom.

Mansion surrounded by a stone wall made of coral has been open to the public. (Admission 200 yen)

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Villages in Kerama Islands are still archaic because this island had comparatively little damage in the Pacific War and most of the houses remained un-destroyed.