Statue of Shiro

Statue of Shiro at Aka island

Shiro swam for about two miles for three hours every day to see and play with Marilyn - his girlfriend.

The people of Aka Island have been raising money in order to construct a monument honoring the Shiro on Nishihama beach (Shiro's point of departure). They should build a statue of Shiro at the edge of the coast, facing Zamami Island.

Now, the statue is neer the bridge from Geruma island to Aka. It's a popular attraction for tourists visiting Aka island.

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Other places

Nishibama Beach
Nishibama Beach is a natural beach which is on the east of Aka Island. Its emerald green colored sed is very suitable for swimming.
Akajima Marine Science Laboratory
Akajima Marine Science Laboratory (AMSL) is a private institution which was established in 1988 under the auspices of the Science and Technology Agency, Japan.
Tom Moya-reef
Tom Moya-reef, a coral reef, which emerge in a U-shape in the off of Akajima Island in the south of Kerama Islands.