Nishibama Beach

Nishibama Beach

Corals at Nishihama Beach - Aka Island
Corals at Nishihama Beach - Aka Island

Nishibama Beach is a natural beach which is on the east of Aka Island. Its emerald green colored sed is very suitable for swimming. You can see some isolated islands from this beach. There is a diving spot near this beach, so you can enjoy marine sports like snorkeling.

A great straight beach on the north shore of the island, overlooks a beach of white coral sand as well as a beautiful gradation of a clear blue sea known as Kerama Blue. This is a great scuba diving/skin diving point where you can swim with beautiful tropical fishes which live in coral reefs. It's a one of especially beautiful beachs in the Kerama Islands.

A shower stall and lavatory are available.

Other places

Akajima Marine Science Laboratory
Akajima Marine Science Laboratory (AMSL) is a private institution which was established in 1988 under the auspices of the Science and Technology Agency, Japan.
Tom Moya-reef
Tom Moya-reef, a coral reef, which emerge in a U-shape in the off of Akajima Island in the south of Kerama Islands.
Statue of Shiro at Aka island
Shiro swam for about two miles for three hours every day to see and play with Marilyn - his girlfriend.